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Serendipity at the Sheraton – Erie, PA Wedding Photographer

~Serendipity at the Sheraton~

Dunn-Miller Sneaks-29

Looking back at this year, I feel such joy about all of the lovely couples we worked with in 2014. Working along side my husband as my assistant and second shooter is such a blessing. We really enjoy getting to know our couples, and the Dunn-Miller wedding was no exception! Their wedding took place at the gorgeous Sheraton Bayfront Hotel right on lake Erie downtown.  We also hopped over to Frontier Park for a few shots of the Bride, Groom and Bridal Party. This was a beautiful ceremony with the two little flower girls thoroughly involved! The Daughters of the Millers looked beautiful in matching white dresses, just like mommy’s, and were a delight to capture. Mom and Dad even let the girls share in the cutting of the cake during the reception! Since neither one of them were camera shy, we were able to get really nice shots of them and their newly married parents!

Our favorite DJ Pat Martin lit up the house with his supplies of fun lights and great music. Pat is an experienced wedding DJ who we really enjoy working with, and recommend to everyone. Click his name to book for your next event!

Check out some of the images below of this joyous October Wedding in Erie, PA!

Dunn-Miller SneaksDunn-Miller Sneaks-3Dunn-Miller Sneaks-4Dunn-Miller Sneaks-7Dunn-Miller Sneaks-8Dunn-Miller Sneaks-14Dunn-Miller Sneaks-9Dunn-Miller Sneaks copyDunn-Miller First LookDunn-Miller Sneaks-11Dunn-Miller Sneaks-10Dunn-Miller Sneaks-12Dunn-Miller Sneaks-13Dunn-Miller Sneaks-15Dunn-Miller Sneaks-16Dunn-Miller Sneaks-17Dunn-Miller Sneaks-18Dunn-Miller Sneaks-19Dunn-Miller Sneaks-20Dunn-Miller Sneaks-21Dunn-Miller Sneaks-22Dunn-Miller Sneaks-23Dunn-Miller Sneaks-24Dunn-Miller Sneaks-25Dunn-Miller Sneaks-26Dunn-Miller Sneaks-27Dunn-Miller Sneaks-28Dunn-Miller Sneaks-6Dunn-Miller Sneaks-30Dunn-Miller Sneaks-31Dunn-Miller Sneaks-32Dunn-Miller Sneaks-33Miller girls shoes

Looking Forward to a Happy and Healthy New Year!

Happy Holidays!


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