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Out of the Office Pin-Up Shoot – Waterford, PA Hot Rod, Classic Car Photographer

Ok kids, here’s the plan. We are going on a MUCH NEEDED family vacation!! My mom has been sick, life has been crazy busy, and we are so ready for some re-upping! (is that a word?) It’s not the best timing right at the beginning of wedding season, but we are subject to whatever Brian (my hubby) is able to take off of work. It’s slim pickins when it’s time to request the vaca. So we are heading to Ocean City to do some camping and hanging out at the beach with family for the week.

I will have my droid with me and will be answering emails most nights. Other than that I will be shutting off the Mac and Facebook for the week to be able to enjoy my family and clear my mind. I will be recharged and ready  to tackle the TONS of editing I have to do when we get back! Hmm, maybe I can get the house sitter to do that for me? ;)…not likely! So please EMAIL ME ONLY from now until June 12th and I will try to respond within 24 hours. 🙂

I also wanted to share a quick few pictures from last weekend’s HOT-Hot Rod Shoot with my new friend Annette. When I say HOT, I mean HOT. It was like 85 degrees that day! But this sexy mama was ready to go and we had a blast playing with her & her husband’s vintage 1933 Plymouth Coupe. We got some great pictures and I will be custom designing a bedside table book as a gift for her husband. I know he will enjoy the more risqué shots that are “just for him” too!

I should also mention how ironic it was how Annette and I found each other. I did a google search for “hot rods, Erie, PA” when I was searching for classic cars to play with. Annette and her husband run Calling All Rodders which is a site that has a complete listing of local car events in the area. I found her Facebook page and this was her most recent post: “Just wondering what you all think of vintage pin up clothing. Would you buy and wear it?” She had been thinking about the vintage pin-up style look! Um, are we a perfect match or what?

Here are just a few…

Check out Annette’s Blog where she talked about our photo shoot on the Calling All Rodders, Erie, PA website.

Special Thanks to the Sunset Drive-In for letting us use their fantastic vintage background for our shoot! This Drive-In Movie Theater is located just south of Waterford,PA on Route 97. The Sunset Drive In has been a part of Erie County since 1948. The Sunset Drive In just turned 60! Wow!

If you have a vintage classic car or a fabulous location in mind we would LOVE to talk to you! Send me an email with your ideas!

Have a great weekend everyone! I’m off to get my tan on!


American GraffitiCalifornia Kid – Hot Rod movies that I’ve been told to watch.

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