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Intimate Beach Wedding Ceremony-Erie, PA Wedding Photographer

I joined a couple for a private wedding on the Beach out on Erie’s Presque Isle State Park. Diana Ziemniak officiated the ceremony around Dusk, with an exchange of vows, and a wine pouring ceremony. The couple enjoyed the company of only one witness to share this private day. She definitely caught that bouquet! This romantic setting made for a beautiful, and intimate wedding on the shores of Lake Erie. The pictures came out so beautiful because of something called the Golden Hour, sometimes called the Magic hour. This happens when the sun is lower in the sky, right after sunrise or before the sun sets, basking the subjects in a soft golden red light.

Diana gave them a piece of beach glass as a memento of this memorable spot in time.

The Beautiful Brazilian Bride wore a simple airy white dress, a pretty flower headband, and carried a bouquet White Roses and Hydrangeas.

A wine ceremony was preformed, joining the two wines together to become one and sharing a drink of new beginnings together.


The Bride and Grooms friend from Brazil had no competition catching the Bouquet!

I was happy to share this very special wedding day on the beautiful Lake Erie beach, Presque Isle State Park, Erie, PA.







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