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Engagement Sessions in Erie, PA <3

I wanted to share two amazing Engagement Photography Sessions from the last few weeks that captured the true love and beauty of these couples with the incredible Fall Colors! The Leaves were perfect! Erie PA doesn’t get enough credit for the stunning Fall Foliage, even if the window to see them is smaller than other states, we pack a colorful punch! This provided the awesome background to take these loving Pictures!

First up are Morgan and Sal at Asbury Woods, a favorite spot for people looking for beautiful outdoor location with plenty of walkways and bridges for their Engagement Photos! Check out their session below! 

Morg & Sal Sneak© Penny Shaut Photography 2015© Penny Shaut Photography 2015 & Sal Sneak-9© Penny Shaut Photography 2015© Penny Shaut Photography 2015© Penny Shaut Photography 2015© Penny Shaut Photography 2015

© Penny Shaut Photography 2015

The Rivalry is Strong with these Two! How will they ever survive a Bills/Steelers Household!?

Morg & Sal Sneak-10

…we met a little friend right at the end!

Morg & Sal Sneak-11

Next we have Ashley and Tim at Goodell Gardens in Edinboro, PA. We love showcasing local places in the area in our images. Goodell Gardens being right up the road provides the perfect Backdrop for Romantic Images! Ashley and Tim are tying the knot next year, but know the importance of snagging these pictures before the Erie Weather Turns! <3

Ash + Tim Sneak© Penny Shaut Photography 2015 + Tim Sneak-3Ash + Tim Sneak-4Ash + Tim Sneak-5Ash + Tim Sneak-6Ash + Tim Sneak-7

Looking forward to photographing both of these beautiful Couples Weddings in 201 at the Bel Aire Hotel and Peek n’ Peak Resort! Only a few 2016 Wedding Dates left! If you haven’t found your Photographer for your Big Day Please contact us today at!

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