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Boudoir Sessions & Vintage Pin-Up Girls – Erie, PA Glamour & Pin-Up Photographer

Vintage Pin-Up photography!

Finally it’s time for My big Announcement! … my all new adventure into Vintage Pin-Up photography! The style and look of the 40’s and 50’s was so classy, and celebrated woman for her curves, great hair, and pretty face. Totay’s culture has really warped the female image and made the “ideal” body something that is completely unrealistic. The fine art of pin-up photography is about making you feel beautiful! It’s about making the most of what God gave you and showing off your beauty in a way that you feel comfortable! If you’ve always wanted some really gorgeous photographs of yourself but were too shy to ask, or didn’t think you had the right look, fear not because it doesn’t matter what size or shape you are! If you’re a little on the shy side, curvy, tattooed, a retro-styling goddess looking for some modeling work, or just a stylin’ babe who has a fair amount of class and style…Then give pin-up photography a try!

Pin-up photography DOES NOT involve nudity! You don’t have to get your gear off… You don’t have to parade in your knickers for all to see… we’ll do it in a very sweet and alluring way to ensure you look divine! You won’t see any tacky, ‘oh my gosh I think she had to wax for that shot’, posing there.

So now Hot Divas, there are a lot of choices for you to look and feel SEXY! Whether you’re looking for a more risqué and exciting gift for your man or something more classy and fun I am here to help you shine!

Sexy & We Know It Event

Last week I held our first Boudoir Soiree event! WHAT A BLAST WE HAD! I set up an evening of fun at the beautiful Season’s Inn at Nick’s Place in Edinboro, PA. The June room bridal suite was a perfect backdrop for pictures! My stylist friend Brenda Hull gussied the girls up doing each one of their makeup and hairstyles while they sipped a few glasses of wine. When ready they took turns with me capturing some sexy, seductive, and classy pictures. These ladies were beautiful and I had such a good time bringing out their inner divas! A couple of these ladies are getting 6×9 hardcover bedside table books of their pictures for gifts for their hubbies. I wish I could be there for the guys to see them!

To preserve their privacy I can’t post all of the pictures but here is a sample of some of the fun!

Doing Boudoir & Pin-Up Photography has rejuvenated a new excitement in me and I can’t wait to do more! Every girl deserves to feel fabulous and have beautiful pictures of themselves! Contact me if you are interested in getting in on the fun!

I’m currently looking for a couple military girls or wives to get dressed up in fatigues, boots, and dog tags. What a cool idea for the guys that are deployed! If you or your man is in the US Army, Navy, Marines, or (any branch really) and you want to play dress up let me know!

I’m also looking for some classic cars and hotrods to play with. There’s nothing better than a pin-up girl posed with a HOT classic coop. We can take a trip to a local drive-in movie theater, a vintage ice-cream or hot dog shoppe, or any other classic location nearby.

Whew! That was a LONG one! If you’ve made it this far THANK FOR READING!!! Have a great day!!


For more info on the Pin-Up look check out these awesome websites! Discover all you need to know about this glamourous Lifestyle. is the world’s premiere online community for Pinup, Rockabilly, Vintage, Glamour, and Burlesque culture.

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