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Beautiful Wedding-Port Farms, PA-Erie Wedding Photography

A few weeks ago we photographed a beautiful wedding ceremony at Port Farms! Amanda and Pat were such a fun couple who are truly in love, it was a pleasure working with them and photographing their wedding. As always Port Farms in Waterford, PA provided a beautiful backdrop for this happy event!

One of my favorite things to do is a First Look. They are becoming very popular. It give the chance for the bride and groom to calm each others nerves before the actual moment! Amanda and Pat have a great first look moment that was captured for them to enjoy for years to come. Please feel free to take a look at the pictures below! It’s Booking Season for 2015! Contact us about your special day!

Bolla First Look

Bolla Wed 139

Bolla Wed 242

Bolla Wed 067

Bolla Wed 235

Bolla Wed 249

Bolla Wed 130

Bolla Wed 032

Bolla Wed 454Bolla Wed 437Bolla Wed 503Bolla Wed 522Bolla Wed 530Bolla Wed 553Bolla Wed 594

Bolla Wed 266Bolla Wed 255Bolla Wed 684Bolla Wed 683Bolla Wed 692Bolla Wed 712Bolla Wed 787Bolla Wed 799Bolla Wed 821


Bolla Wed 832

Bolla Wed 861Bolla Wed 1000Bolla Wed 1003Bolla Wed 1013Bolla Wed 1157Bolla Beer Cheers


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