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A Thought for Moms from a Mom


Reflections from a mom who lost her own mom too early…With Mother’s Day approaching, and me focusing on images of Grandmothers, Moms, & children together I have some thoughts to share from the heart…Some of you know that I lost my own mom 2.5 years ago at the age of 32. My kids were 2 & 5 at the time. It was way too early for an only child who wasn’t done needing her mom, to lose the grandma of her kids and best friend she ever had.

Last night I was talking to a long time friend Amy, who is now also a mom. She was my babysitter as a child, Her mom and my mom Kathy were long time friends, I photographed her wedding, and newborn and first family portraits 2 years ago when she had her daughter.
So last night while discussing doing a generation photo session with Amy, I started to realize how important doing that would be for me. I would love to capture the 3 of the ladies together, and Amy & Kathy enjoying being mom’s at the same time, and Kathy being grandmother to her first grandbaby.
While Facebook chatting about this I got completely emotional and starred crying. I realized that I do not have any of these types of images of my own mom with my kids and myself together. Most of time I spend behind the camera, unless I force it into my hubby’s hands and say “shoot me in this so we know I was here”. Lol.  For whatever reason (probably because I had 2 crazy toddlers running around!), I barely have any images of my mom and I together, and only a couple with the kids included. These images I will forever charish.
Realizing this further drives what I do. Yes, I make a small amount of money taking pictures (it really isn’t much), but it’s so much more than that. I’m stopping time, capturing real life memories, that will mean so much to so many in years to come. My mission is to make people feel good about themselves, record the love between families & relationships, and create artwork that will be cherished.
<Walsh-Wed-0386-1024x680.jpeg>All of this is why I encourage all women and mom’s to not hide from the camera because you don’t like something about yourself. The pictures are not for you anyways. The people who want to record these memories see you on an almost daily basis, and most likely see you in worse shape than you would be for a photo session!  Stop putting it off because you “need to lose weight”, “John has a cast”, or you “don’t have time”. Let’s face it mom’s (I’m talking to you right now), most of us will never look the way we did in high school! And the cast on John’s arm is a memory. Don’t hide it, embrace it!<pennymomsandiago.jpeg>
Btw, those “box store” studios are not capturing the real deal. Yes, you may pay $3.99 for an 8×10, but plopping you down in front of a fake background with silly props is not capturing real life. And they certainly aren’t going to sit there and wait for the right laugh, hug, or look that really captures emotions. Just sayin.
It’s worth putting your money into it guys and gals. Yes, I’m bias, but coming from someone who is missing some of those memories, do it while you still can!

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